• Great for Sciatica Relief


    This worked wonders for my sciatic nerve pain. It molded to my spine immidiately and is helping with my back spasms. Really happy with the build quality and is comfortable for wear all day.

    - Sandy M.

  • The Best Back Support


    I got this to replace a back support I've had for over 15 years and all I can say that is technology has definitely come a long way. That support was a few hundred dollars and doesn't even come close to Thera Lab's. My back feels nice and supported but I can still garden and bend over when I need to.

    Scott R.

  • Reduced My Back Pain Instantly


    I recently pulled my back doing housework and could barely get out of bed. Slowly but surely my back got better until I twisted more than I should have and flared it up again. Immidiately after putting it on I felt a really comfortable support. My back healed over time but this was a lifesaver because it helped prevent me for turning and twisting more than I should.

    - Don S.

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Your Wellness Ally

We believe that everybody should be able to move comfortably and comfortably without chronic or acute discomfort and pain holding them back. That’s why at Thera Lab, we help provide high quality, affordable, and comfortable supports and braces, in many sizes. You can trust that with Thera Lab you’ll benefit from more comfortable movement so you can get back to life.